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Posted: October 16th, 2008 under Creation Blog.
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Many an email has accused me of being an evolutionist.  To set the record straight (although I know that these emails will continue), I defend evolution on my website, as it is a viable option for believers.  I show that you can still believe in an inerrant Bible, with a literal interpretation of Genesis, and believe in evolution.  Most young earth creationists will not agree with this, but since all believers are all free to interpret the Bible, and since there is nothing theologically wrong with this interpretation, Christians can believe in evolution.  With that said, I also realize that the majority of theistic evolutionists do not believe in an inerrant, literal interpretation.  I disagree with their beliefs, but I respect their right to believe in such a manner.

Personally, I am a progressive creationist.  I believe God created out of nothing, without animals evolving from previous life forms.  But He did so over the billions of years of our earth’s history.  Am I 100% certain of my beliefs?  Of course not.  That would mean I am omnicient, and I am not God.  I reserve the possibility (5-10 percent) that theistic evolution may be the correct interpretation.  However, I am 100 percent certain that the earth is billions of years old.  You don’t need to be omnicient to see that.

In the end, does it matter whether evolution is true or not?  Or whether the earth is young or not?  Fortunately it does not matter.  Jesus said believe in Him and you will be saved.  He did not say believe in a young earth and be saved.  When we get to heaven, we will see both young and old earth believers there, and both evolutionists and non-evolutionists.  Once God reveals to us the truth, we won’t really care anymore, because we will be rejoicing in Him.

Greg Neyman

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