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My Dad

Dec 15

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As many of you know, my dad came to live with my family in September of 2007.  He had late stage Alzheimers, and eventually we were unable to care for him, and he moved into a nursing home.  He passed away in his sleep on 4 December 2008.  Fortunately, he knew the Lord, and I will see him again.

This past year has been tough on my family, and it has also taken a toll on the website ministry.  I hope to eventually increase my time working on the website.  Thank you all for your prayers over the last year.

Greg Neyman

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CMI-Worldwide, The Untold Story

Dec 15

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As many of you know, Answers in Genesis split two years ago, with the US ministry under Ken Ham essentially casting off the parts of the ministry that stood in his way (he did not want oversight from anyone).  CMI recently posted an article about their new operating practices which is a clear attempt at preventing any such split in the future.  I’ve posted a commentary on this split here.

Greg Neyman

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