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Fedex Fossil Claim by ICR

Mar 30

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The Institute for Creation Research has published a claim based on a new fossil amphibian.  The fossil is merely a tool used by ICR to rehash some old claims for their young earth theory, claims which have already been disproven.  To read more, click here.

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What’s Happening?

Mar 08

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Just wanted to drop a quick note and let people know I’m still here.  I probably won’t write any new rebuttals in the coming weeks, as I’m working on two new curriculums for homeschool families.  At this time I can say that one of them is Historical Geology, which examines the history of the earth.  Currently it consists of about 55 lessons, making it suitable for a semester high school science credit.  I will announce the other curriculum at a later date.

Greg Neyman

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