Oct 17

Blog Rules

    This is not a normal blog.  Although it uses blog softwere, this blog is intended to announce new articles, and provide a means for readers to comment on the articles.  I’m not seeking to have the blog linked from other blogs, thus no links are allowed in posts unless they are relavent to the article in question. 

     The rules for the blog are simple.  No registration is necessary.  Guests are encouraged to make comments in the blog (in English only), so long as the comments are relevant, and do not contain any bad language or threatening remarks.  Comments violating these rules will be deleted at the discretion of the moderater.  All comments are moderator-reviewed before being posted.

     There are four fields for data entry.  Fill in your name, or the nickname you want to be known by.  It will be visible in the comment.  Your email address is the second field, but it will not be published.  The third field is “Website”, which is an optional field.  The fourth field is for your comments.  All comments will need to be approved, so they will become live after they have been reviewed.

     NOTE:  For other bloggers, trackbacks and pingbacks are turned off.  Please don’t post in the hopes of getting a link back to your blog.