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Old Earth Creationism on Trial – Review Completed

Sep 01

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The final installment of the review of the young earth book “Old Earth Creationism on Trial” has now been posted.  This final section reviews the appendixes in the book.  Many thanks to Ruben Baron for his hard work in creating this thorough review.  His review shows how shallow the arguments in the book are, and reveals the depths that some young earth creationists will sink to in order to defend their unscientific beliefs.

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New Old Earth Creationist Books

Oct 21

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I’ve posted three new old earth creationist books on the books page.  One is titled “Why the Universe Is the Way It Is,” by progressive creationist Dr. Hugh Ross.  The other two books are Theistic Evolution books.  One is titled “Thank God for Evolution,” and the other is “Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution.”  They are easily identified on the books page, as they have a red “NEW” under the title.

Greg Neyman

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