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Fixing the US Healthcare System

Oct 14

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There is much talk about fixing our healthcare system here in the US.  I don’t know which Presidential candidates’ plan will work better, but I do have a suggestion for them and our country’s leadership that will go a long way towards helping to fix our system…and at the same time, it will lower the cost that we pay for gasoline.

One of the largest expenditures on healthcare is the result of a suicidal activity.  This suicidal activity should be made illegal, and it will cut costs to the US healthcare system by up to 12 percent.  Of course, I’m talking about tobacco use.  I propose that we gradually phase out tobacco production and smoking over a four year period.  This would give people a chance to adjust, and give the farmers and industry time to convert their fields/facilities.  Convert them to what?  The production of corn for ethanol, to be used to produce E85 fuel, and to be added to gasoline that can be sold as 10 percent ethanol or E-85 fuel.

Healthcare coverage for smokers would continue after the end of the four year period, say, for a period of 6 more years.  After that point, healthcare for anyone who illegally smokes will not be covered under insurance, and they will have to pay out of pocket.

This plan would make us a much healthier country, would eliminate a large chunk of healthcare expenditures, and bring fuel prices down.

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