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Racing Plate Tectonics Nonsense

Aug 23

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The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) news article for 23 August 2010 highlights a slight difference in plate tectonic movement rates to prove that their catastrophic plate tectonics model is feasible.   Their claims are based on computer modeling, programmed by a YEC theorist, who wrote the programming to prove the Flood!  Naturally, biased programming yields biased results.  In reality, YEC proponents have no hard scientific evidence to back up their claims, whereas science has hard evidence of plate movements to prove the old age of the earth.  Click here for more.

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Breakthrough of 2009: Paleontology

Jan 06

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ICR is doing its end of year victory dance by claiming that soft tissue finds in 2009 prove that the earth is young.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Click here for more.

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Academic Censorship of ICR School

Apr 24

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On the one year anniversary of ICR’s graduate school being denied permission to issue scientific degrees in Texas, ICR reminds its readers of the issue. Click here for Answers In Creation’s opinion of this issue.

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