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Mega Dinosaur Bonebed

Jul 14

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The Institute for Creation Research is making a claim that Noah’s Flood killed the dinosaurs in a massive Canadian dinosaur graveyard.  When you peel back the claims and examine the research from the actual scientists who studied the graveyard, there is no actual proof that it was Noah’s Flood.  Click here for more.

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The Desert Problem

Jan 22

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Unfortunately for young earth creationism, the existence of a wind-blown desert sandstone right in the middle of supposed Noah’s Flood rock layers is an unsurmountable problem.  In this review, the evidence for a wind-blown desert sandstone is revealed, and it comes from an unusual source…the young earth creationists themselves!  Click here to read this review.

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Dinosaur Herd and Noah’s Flood

Apr 18

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Tas Walker of Creation Ministries International reports on a find of a herd from a single dinosaur species, that apparently was killed in one event, which he claims to be Noah’s global flood.  However, the evidence to support his claim is non-existant.  Click here to read the review of this claim.

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