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Presidential Election

Oct 14

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Overall, I’m not too thrilled with either presidential candidate.  In both cases, I prefer the vice presidential candidates over the presidential candidates. 

Democrats – There are some issues that Obama has that I really like, such as taxing overseas companies.  And between the two candidates, his health care plan is better.  However, there are many unknowns with him.  Where does he stand on homeschooling?  What about his liberal background?  However, I do trust Biden a lot more than Obama.  Too bad their roles are not reversed.  Biden is a friend to Amtrak, and as a railfan, I like it that Amtrak will probably not have any funding problems if he is vice president.

Republicans – I like McCain since he is a veteran.  I have great reluctance to vote for anyone without military experience.  However, McCain’s healthcare plan does not appear to be very good.  And his history of outsourcing government jobs could put my own job in jeapordy.  He is an outspoken critic of Amtrak, and if he is elected, you better take a cross-country train ride before Amtrak has to shut down their long-distance trains.  On the positive side, his VP pick is a good one, with great Christian conservative values.  The main reason to consider McCain is Palin.  With McCain’s age, Palin could very well end up as President, which is fine with me.  Many complain that she doesnt’ have much experience, but she would surround herself with experienced people, and she would take issues to the Lord in prayer.  I would feel comfortable with her as President.

Who am I voting for?  You will have to guess.  I can say I’m voting for neither of the Presidential candidates (McCain/Obama).  I’m voting mainly on my feelings about the Vice-Presidential candidates.

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