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Feb 08

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Although young earth creationists can frequently turn around scientific data to fit their needs, they cannot provide answers to simple questions when it comes to stratigraphy, which is the study of the earth’s rock layers.  The order of the earth’s rocks provide conclusive proof of an old earth, even if all the other data for an old earth is proven false.  To begin reading this five-part series, click here.

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Dinosaur Evidences for an Old Earth

Jan 20

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This article, previously published in 2003, is one of our most read articles.  Since it was created prior to the blog, readers have no place to comment on it.  This blog entry is being made so that readers may comment on it.  The article can be found here.


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New Old Earth Creationist Books

Oct 21

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I’ve posted three new old earth creationist books on the books page.  One is titled “Why the Universe Is the Way It Is,” by progressive creationist Dr. Hugh Ross.  The other two books are Theistic Evolution books.  One is titled “Thank God for Evolution,” and the other is “Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution.”  They are easily identified on the books page, as they have a red “NEW” under the title.

Greg Neyman

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